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Mafia City H5 EVENT (Daily Crime Wave Introduction)

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:28 pm
Mafia City H5 , The game’s theme is base on western Mafia, where the play takes the role of a Mafia Boss. Within the game players need to outsmart, outthink and battle other players from around the globe; fight for resource, men, land and lastly become the most renowned and feared Godfather.

Event Intro:

Daily Crime Wave for a week is divided into five stages; a reward can be gained at each stage by reaching the specified amount of point. The top 10 of each stage and the final point will all get bounteous reward, and the top 1 in the overall point rank (the strongest Leader) will gain about 40, 000 Gold as reward.

Daily Crime Wave contains: Turf Development, Crews Training, Rob Resources, Defeat Street Forces, Power Increasing and Kill Enemies (where as Kill Enemies event last for 3 days and the others only 1 day/each).

Event Tip:

★ Event time's countdown till 08:00 noon and from 08:00 to 08:10 is the result settlement time for the last stage. Point accumulation start at exactly 08:10.

★ Rob Resources: Points will be gained at the point of completing robbing, not when they have returned to the mansion.

★ Turf Development: Demolishing of buildings will result in Point deduction.

★ Battle Power Stage: Decreasing of Battle Power will result in Point deduction

★ Stages reward that has been achieved will not be deducted.

★ Kill Enemies Event: Point will be gained for any enemy crews that ends up died or wounded.

visit the Mafia City official site, chinese name is 黑道風雲
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