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world of Mafia City is alive and it reacts to everything you do

on Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:25 am
This mafia crime games world, as ugly as its undergoings may be, becomes your playground. Every district, alley, and location reacts to your every move, allowing you to build your empire and take down the mob that betrayed you and your family. Each District is run by an enemy of yours that is just waiting to be overthrown, and that’s when the world opens up to you. Each area has objectives that you can complete to make your mission easier. You can take out drug dens, seize brothels, burn property, interrogate workers, and more.

Of course, this isn’t easy. It would be next to impossible for a single man to take down an entire crime syndicate on his own, but luckily Clay has help. I was shown the Underboss system which gives Clay three subordinates who help run his empire, one of which happens to be Vito Scalleta, the protagonist of Mafia City game. You can divvy up your turf between them, unlocking different perks and items that you’ll be able to use in the open world. It’s essentially a way to manage your family and keep things running smoothly. However, just like the city of New Bordeaux, there’s more to the system than immediately meets the eye.

As mentioned above, the world of Mafia City is alive and it reacts to everything you do and the characters within the game follow the same mantra. Being a boss means you have to ensure those under you are content and willing to play nice. If you show too much favor to one of your Underbosses, or if any of them feel ripped off or betrayed, you may have a mutiny on your hands. Having one of your own officers declare war on you could be devastating, especially if you provided them a lot of resources. So you’ll always have to walk a fine line or be forced to put one of your own down in a huge battle.

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